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Auto Urinal Flushing System Pot Fitting

MODEL: - APGC - Auto Urinal Flushing System Pot Fitting

Features :

  • The most advanced technology implemented in auto-urinal flushing, which operates without any external power.
  • Systems are designed in such a way, which can fit into any pot fitted urinal pots.
  • The entire system is water, moisture and temperature proof.
  • All the products are supported by strong service team.
Technical Specification:
Power Supply Auto power generated and conserved never needs any external power
Induction Scope Microcomputer automatically adjust optical sensor distance
Working Pressure 0.05-0.8 mpa
Working Temperature 0.05-45 Deg Cent
Inlet pipe thread G 1/2
Hygienic &Watersaving all actions completed by flush valve itself, without manual operation flushes thoroughly and it can avoid the bacterial cross infection by using the hand to touch the switch

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